Monday, July 12, 2010


"She is

d only problem i wanna have,

d only sin i wanna make,

d only confusion that makes sense,

d only bad habit i would tolerate,

d only pain worth experiencing again,

she is a wish dat wud nver be granted, a dream dat wud 4ever be vague,

for i am hers,

but she is his."

"do you know how impossible

it is to be loved back by someone

who's inlove w/ someone else?

Its like waiting

for a boat,

at the airport."

"The worse of all, you never call baby when you say will. But i love you still."

"it's better to take the risk than to hold for nothing."

"You can be attracted to anyone..but there will always be that someone good enough for you to forget the rest."

"Usually, the person with more smiles. Is the same person with more heartaches."

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