Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

Inner Peace

That’s severely COOL

(Goose to Panda) How you knew you were adopted?

(Tigress to Panda) Your dad, a goose? That’s might been a shock.

I’m not freaking’ OUT, I’m freaking IN.

Being right makes me right.

How come we lose a guy that big?

Wolf: What you going to do now? Panda: WE SURRENDER!

My old enemy. –STAIRS

(Panda to Peacock) I find your evilness kinda annoying.

(Panda to Peacock) Who do you think you are, PEACOCK!

Year of the Peacock.

Panda: The hard core do not know. Tigress: I can’t watch my friend be killed.

Nightmare or memory?

It doesn’t matter what you are… It’s the rest of the story who you choose to be.

Prepare yourself for a HAT.

Wounds heal. Scars fade.

(Daddy Goose to Panda) Let’s both cook together.


  1. hahaha funny ^_^ yet full of sense

  2. yah. hehe. there were sad parts of the story yet its kinda funny the way they deliver the lines :)